Historical Atlas

Historical Atlas is a card game to check your knowledge of history.
You need to put cards with well-known historical facts on the table in chronological order.
Did Newton use a slide rule? Could Sherlock Holmes communicate with Watson using Morse code? What was built first: the Leaning Tower of Pisa or Big Ben? If you know all this, you've got every chance to win in the Historical Atlas game!
Here we test your knowledge of history and you'll learn a lot of new and interesting facts (for example, what A. D. was born Jesus Christ, or when did they ride in the car on the Moon?)

Do you know history well? Test yourself. Warning! It's very educational!
All the facts have a link to the Wiki for viewing detailed information.

World history

Historical milestones. The rise and collapse of the ancient civilizations.


The greatest masterpieces ever created in architecture, sculpture, music, painting, poetry, and cinema.


Heroes that shaped the world as we know it. They wrote history, discovered new lands, and pushed the frontiers of knowledge.


Great military commanders, crucial battles, and history of inventions and weapons.


UNESCO cultural and natural heritage sites.


Explore the groundbreaking inventions of all time. Learn about the important contributions of great scientists.


Real facts about the irrational: phanthoms, ghost ships, levitation, curse of the pharaohs, life after life, ghosts, and UFOs.


Outer space exploration, discovery of new planets, space ships and satellites, receding galaxies, and black holes.


Famous travellers and explorers that made breakthrough discoveries and pushed the limits of the unknown.

School curriculum

See how much you remember from school and reinforce your knowledge of the major historical events.
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